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Aerospace, Aviation, Airport Jobs

"The aerospace sector builds and improves flight technology to enhance transportation. The aviation sector flies the aforementioned technology efficiently and safely. The airport sector supports departures and arrivals by processing passengers fast and efficiently. The aerospace sector requires an aerospace engineering degree for entry. The aviation sectors require flight licenses in order for pilots to fly. The airport sector requires a minimum of a high school diploma for entry into its customer service component; however, higher level jobs such as air traffic controller require bachelors’ degree and specialized training. Candidates interested in working in these sectors should consult some of our 20 specialized job boards such as (aeronautical) and (engineering). Each board features their respective field’s employers of choice, offers unique field-related articles, in-depth job descriptions, and expert employment advice. Most jobs in these sectors vary from part time to full time, can have odd hours, and pay upwards of $30,000 annually. Examples of these positions are station attendants, aerospace engineers, repair coordinators, flight attendants, and many more. "

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