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Govt., NPO, Social & Community Work Jobs

"The government sector supports the function of government processes such as the justice and healthcare system. The non-profit sector provides free services and support to communities with no financial interest. The social and community work sector provide services integral to communal, underprivileged groups. These sectors only require a high school diploma for entry; however, some of the jobs, like social worker, will require a university degree. Candidates interested in working in these sectors should consult some of our 20 specialized job boards such as,, or Each board features their respective field’s employers of choice, offers unique field-related articles, in-depth job descriptions, and expert employment advice. Most jobs offered in these sectors are full time, part time, or voluntary, and pay upwards of $30,000 annually. Examples of these positions are community workers, therapists, social workers, child social workers, community liaisons, and many more. "

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