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Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain, Purchasing Jobs

"The transportation sector transports people or products from one location to another. The logistics sector coordinates the business processes between different organizations or branches. The supply chain sector ensures a company is able to acquire the resources require for production. The purchasing sector buys the products required for a business to function. Entry into these sectors requires a university degree; however, some clerical positions only require a high school diploma. Candidates interested in working in these sectors should consult some of our 20 specialized job boards such as (human resources), (administrative support), and Each job board features your field’s employers of choice, offers their own unique articles tailored to your field, in-depth job descriptions, and expert employment advice. Most jobs offered in these sectors are full time and pay upwards of $30,000 annually. Examples of these positions are truck technicians, pilots, purchasing agents, inventory control supervisors, traffic managers, and many more. "

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