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How to Stay Motivated in Summer?

The sky is blue, the birds are singing and you see on Facebook photos of your colleagues and friends with their toes in the sand, a Margarita in hand. It’s hard in these conditions to stay focused on your work and stay motivated in summer!

Adapt your work pace
Do you want to get out of the office in mid-afternoon to enjoy the sun? Ask your boss if you can start earlier in the morning. On the other hand, does summer make you want to sleep in in the comfort of your air conditioned room before going to face the heat of the outdoors? See if you can start later, going out to work later than usual. It’s up to you what pace suits you and to see if it is possible to arrange it with your employer.

Choose the right outfit
Even in the strictest companies, when it is 35 degrees in the shade a little relaxation in dress is allowed. But be careful: stay professional. You can wear lighter clothes than usual without having plunging necklines or plastic flip-flops. Rather go for loose cuts and natural materials such as cotton or linen-type materials, which will help you endure the heat and give you a little foretaste of the holidays.

Enjoy your lunch break
Instead of eating in the office or in the restaurant across the road, don’t hesitate to extend your break and picnic in the park next to your work. The sun and brightness work wonders for morale, and you will come back in great shape, ready to tackle your tasks under way.

Do some organizing
In many companies during summer, activity slows down, which doesn’t really help maintain motivation, since there can be a certain tendency to push back or consider certain tasks as unrewarding. Organizing your desk and computer can help you perk up again – it is always more pleasant to work in good conditions, at a clear workstation. And then, the pride of a duty accomplished always feels good, even if it was just reviewing the organization of your drawers.

Get as many files done as you can
Each time you feel your motivation flagging, repeat this simple goal to yourself: if you get everything done on time you will be able to leave on holiday with peace of mind! This should be enough to give your productivity a boost.

Spend time with your colleagues
This is the time to get to know the colleagues with whom you have less contact than usual. They are also surely not as busy as usual and only need a few minutes of distraction to chat before getting back to work with more enthusiasm, or even go out for a few drinks at a friendly happy hour. It will be much more pleasant to come to work each day once these links are strengthened.

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