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Studying and Part-Time Work – How to Avoid Failure

In Canada, many university students who also have a part-time job say that it interferes with their education. How can you keep focused on your academic success in spite of a full schedule and new responsibilities?

Visualize your success

By necessity or by choice, students who work part-time jump with both feet into adult life. They have to redouble their efforts to reach the finish line. Hence the importance of knowing the “why” of all these efforts ahead. Keep your ultimate goal in mind: this mantra will be useful to you in the face of discouragement, or choices that may affect your career.

Make a budget (and stick to it)

Analyze your expenses (tuition, lodging, food, outings, etc.) and your money inflows (parental assistance, scholarships, bank loan) to accurately determine how much you will have to earn. Be aware that a student generally compromises their studies when working more than 15 hours a week. Keep this limit in mind to adjust your budget and avoid debt.

Set a realistic schedule (and stick to it as well!)

Say goodbye to procrastination! To be successful, learn to manage your time several weeks in advance to meet both your academic deadlines and your work commitments. This projection will let you identify bottlenecks, and ask for certain accommodations from your boss during exam periods, for example.

Find the right job

Think carefully about the work you will be doing. Will it pay the bills? Does it have to match your studies? Are the work hours offered realistic compared to those of your studies? Choose jobs near your university or your home that will not physically or psychologically harm you.

Accept not being able to do everything

The most difficult thing in this busy life will certainly be having to refuse certain invitations in order to achieve your goals. Review your priorities and take care of yourself during your spare time!

Know how to surround yourself to avoid exhaustion

Finally, surround yourself with caring people, who understand your situation and encourage you in your journey! Students who work are more vulnerable to stress and loneliness. Don’t wait to get bogged down to ask for help from those around you.

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