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The Top Cities to Find a Job in Canada

Full-time employment is growing in Canada, with some cities more dynamic than others. The Bank of Montreal has published its latest issue of the Labour Market Report Card, which lists the best places to find a job. With 6 out of 10 cities in the lead, Ontario takes the cake.

The top trio

Incredible but true – the city that until recently was the worst city in the country to find a job is now at the top! With an unemployment currently at 5.4%, the job market has dramatically changed in Kelowna, British Columbia, which has 14.3% of jobs added in the last year, completely turning the situation around. It is followed by Hamilton, Ontario, which benefits from the dynamism of the Greater Toronto Area with +12.5% of jobs added and an unemployment rate of 4.2%. This is nice progress for a place that wasn’t even in the top 20 last year. The top trio is rounded out by Kitchener, also in Ontario, whose proximity to Toronto also helps, while less spectacularly (+4.9% jobs added in one year and an unemployment rate of 4.5%).

The rest of the Top 10

Then follows Winnipeg (Manitoba), the only city to stand up for a province other than Ontario or British Columbia, with its jump of 17 places in the ranking and an unemployment rate of 5.5%. In 5th spot is Barrie, Ontario, one of the only two cities on the list that has lost jobs (-2% in one year), but its energy is explained by the real estate boom caused by the exile of Torontonians seeking affordable housing. Unsurprisingly, Vancouver (British Columbia) is still in the rankings despite slightly weaker growth than in recent years. Meanwhile Guelph (Ontario) is struggling to find its place as a winner, dropping from 1st place a year and a half ago to 15th place last year and 7th this year. The 8th and 9th places also go to Ontario cities, respectively to Oshawa (-1.7% in jobs, unemployment at 4.9%) and Toronto (+2.4% for jobs, unemployment at 6.1%). Finally comes Victoria, in British Columbia, which lost 6 places.

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