Tourism Industry – What Matters to Job Seekers? |

Tourism Industry – What Matters to Job Seekers?

Are you about to get your dream job, but are thinking about dropping the hiring process after learning that other employees seem to be unhappy with the employer? If so, you are like nearly half of the job seekers in the tourism and retail sector who drop out in the middle of the hiring process.

A recent survey conducted by StartMonday with 750 employees of these sectors shows the importance of employer reputation in pursuing the hiring process. Here are the main conclusions.

Sound management and good administration

More than one-third (35%) of respondents would refuse a job offer from a company if some of its employees indicated that they left their jobs because of problems with the administration or management. Even more, three-quarters (74%) would not hesitate to decline any offer if the company shows evidence of racism towards its employees or customers.

Company culture and values

Two-thirds (66%) of job seekers visit a company’s website to learn more about the organization’s values. They find valuable information there that helps them project themselves into this work environment. Even more, almost half (44%) will take a look at the site’s “careers” section where a company talks about its values and objectives.

Equality and respect

Gender-based discrimination is not tolerated very much: two-thirds (65%) of respondents say they would abandon the hiring process if they learned that the employer discriminates and 62% would do the same if there are allegations of sexual harassment.

Relations with customers

“The customer is always right”, the saying goes… and so also say three-quarters of job-seekers who would outright refuse a job with a company that lies to its customers.

Employers’ reactions

There will always be dissatisfied customers and employees who are happy to publicize their discontent on social media. This is not a problem for future candidates who say they prefer transparency over opacity towards customers.

With the context of a scarcity of labour, it is up to the businesses in the tourism and retail industries to look good and correct their faults to attract (and retain) their employees!

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