How do you unearth those hidden job offers? |

How do you unearth those hidden job offers?

Going through employment sites and replying to job offers on display is the usual way to find work. On the other hand, not all offers are advertised, some are hidden job offers.

80% of all job offers are never announced. How do you find vacancies in this famous, hidden job market?

1. Word-of-mouth

The legends goes that employers, in general, prefer trying all possible means to fill a position before having to resort to posting job offers. According to Service Canada, “Information on available jobs circulates among colleagues, associates, friends, and management acquaintances.” Bosses talk among themselves or ask their employees if they can recommend someone for a certain position. In that case, don’t hesitate to solicit your contact network during your job search!

2. Your professional… neighbourhood!

Sometimes, your dream job is just around the corner… literally. If you like your current employer, but are looking for new challenges, another department might have a need for you. Remember: candidates already inside the “machine” are often way ahead of “external” candidates.

3. Keep watch

While searching for a new job, it is imperative to monitor news on nearby industries. Are you a photographer and a new magazine’s launch was published on Twitter? This is your chance to get ahead and make your presence known. Often, positions in a new business have yet to be filled. The art of networking is essential and it is time to prove your talents.

4. Internally posted positions

Some positions are only posted on the business intranet. Are you looking for a specific job? Again, once more, one of your contacts “on the inside” can help fill you in!

5. Appeal to the decision-maker

To land a hidden job, it is preferable to bypass human resources and to open up discussions directly with the targeted department director. Don’t send in your CV immediately; make them an ally by asking them questions… while talking about your expertise.

6. Hand them your CV

By the way, this old tactic of delivering your CV yourself always works. Mark Swart, author of Get Wired, Youre Hired, advises, “It isn’t actually a bad way of doing it, especially for office employees like administrative assistants, accountants, commercial representatives, and so on.” Since there are always vacancies in these industries, employers often look at the CVs on top of the pile. While there, you can ask to see the manager and present it in person.

7. Placement agencies

Another method would be to register with a recruitment agency. After all, their raison d’être is to find you a job. Sometimes, placement agencies have exclusive contracts with employers for specific jobs.

8. Job fairs

Job fairs and other professional conventions let you build new relationships with people who can tell you about unadvertised positions in their business, even help you obtain interviews. They can also give you access to influential people or direct you to other employers that might need you soon. Don’t forget: every meeting is an opportunity!

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