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Server Testimonials: Some Comical Situations

Under cover of anonymity (for good reason), servers and waitresses shared with us some waitresses’ comical testimonials  situations they had in carrying out their dutie… 

When you are a server or waitress, there is no shortage of anecdotes. In fact, there are so many it is even hard to choose the best… So here are three waitresses’ comical testimonials , taken from three different backgrounds. You will know a bit better what to expect if the job is tempting you!

In a café

Louis (fictional name) is the barista chef in an independent café, where he serves speciality coffees, espressos and engages in latté art. Nonetheless, every day customers come to the counter ordering a “double double” coffee. “My most memorable customer was the one who started yelling at me when I told him that I don’t serve this type of coffee here.” Instead of responding aggressively to the customer, Louis rather took the time to introduce him to his coffees, having him taste different products. “Believe it or not, this customer has become a regular customer… and a friend!”

In a restaurant

Josée (fictional name) doesn’t have enough of her ten waitress’s fingers to count the number of love stories she has seen born (and die) in her restaurant. But what was the most unlikely situation in her career? “Seeing a woman surprise her husband in the middle of a romantic supper with his girlfriend… after a few screams and insults, the three finally sat down together, ordered a bottle of wine and spent the rest of the evening laughing! I had never seen that before!”

In a bar

Magalie (fictional name) has worked in bars for a long time. She has tons of funny stories! However, recently she was surprised by a situation worthy of the film Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulin. “Week after week, ceramic tiles representing the bar’s logo appeared here and there… even in the bathrooms! I was wondering who could be doing this…” After investigating, she discovered it was one of the bar’s loyal customers, a ceramist by profession. “As our logo was the drawing of a wink, the customer wanted to give us a wink in her own way!”

So, being a server and waitress means above all having a relationship with people (all sorts of people!) and taking pleasure in surprising them… or letting them surprise you!

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