Co-workers: the reason why half Canadians would stay at their jobs

Co-workers: the reason why nearly half of Canadians would stay at their jobs

Even if they are not happy with their job, 43% of Canadians are willing to stay at the same position because they get along with their co-workers. Salary and employment benefits are less influential, according to an online survey of 500 people across the country, conducted by Randstad staffing agency.

The key to happiness at work is good relationships with others, whether it be with co-workers or superiors. 52% of Canadians indicated that the main reason they enjoy work is their co-workers, 51% said a trustworthy management team and 51% said salary and employment benefits. Only 32% said they were interested in a higher position of authority or decision-making. 43% said they could stay at the same position, even if their work didn’t make them happy, as long as they got along with their co-workers. 50% are not ready to make this sacrifice and 7% said they have never worked anywhere that they like their co-workers.

Workers inspired by their co-workers

When it comes to defining success in their career, those surveyed ranked doing what they love at the top of the list and salary at the bottom. 51% even indicated that salary is not related to success. Based on all of these results, it is not surprising that 25% of Canadians are inspired by the passion of their co-workers and partners. The most inspiring people are innovative thinkers (28%), followed by independent entrepreneurs (21%), social and community leaders (18%) and reputed business managers (8%).

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