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Office organization : How to avoid piles and files

Office organization : Piles and files There are recurring themes that I have seen as a small office consultant for over the years. I will outline how to best approach a common challenge – too much visible paper! It can be overwhelming and interfere with productivity When I’m invited to assist in a small office, there are […]

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Top 10 steps to improve your office organization : An express pocket guide

The utlimate express pocket guide : Top 10 steps to improve your office organization. 1. Remove older piles of paper to a box with a “best before date” 2. Plan a file category or structure that meets your needs 3. Purge the files already in the cabinet 4. Plan which coloured files make sense to you 5. Plan a path (or highway) for your papers to follow […]


A job interview in a public place

Don’t be surprised if a recruiter proposes an interview in a public place. He has his reasons (spaces in the company not available, confidentiality of hiring in relation to existing employees or just a desire to make the best use of his time), but you now have new apprehensions: a place to evaluate, what to […]

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