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Jobs Working For You

Career management

How to Transform a Temporary Assignment into a Permanent job?

Did you just land a temporary job? Now is the time to go into overdrive! By highlighting your skills and know-how, you will put all the odds in your favour to transform a temporary assignment into a permanent job. In 2016, 14% of salaried workers held a temporary job, according to the Institut de la statistique […]

Oddly enough

When Corporate Theatre Rhymes with Fullness

Since the Greek tragedy, theatre has never ceased to be a formidable tool to educate and train yesterday’s citizens, but also today’s and tomorrow’s employees. In recent years, dramatic art has had a certain interest by companies, and for good reason – it offers a response to employees in their quest for development and well-being […]

Career management

Are you at Risk of “Technological Unemployment”?

Technological unemployment – The conclusions of a recent study on the consequences of automation and new technologies on jobs provide some food for thought about the types of employees at risk of being replaced by technology within the next few years. The technological automation that is currently underway around the world will not only create […]

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