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Professional Burnout: Take Action Before It’s Too Late

Despite better understanding in recent years, the professional burnout syndrome remains relatively poorly treated, partly because people afflicted with it do not identify it, or do so too late. Find out what the early symptoms are and how to react accordingly. The most common symptoms First of all, the symptoms of professional burnout can vary: not […]

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What If You Only Had One Interview Question to Ask?

We surveyed several recruiters to find out what is THE question that they would ask candidates if they were only allowed one interview question. Here is what they told us. “Why, at this point in your career, have you decided to choose our company? And how do you want to contribute to its success in […]

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7 Tips for Managing Your Inventory Well

Having enough products in stock to meet customer demand while avoiding a surplus of goods that would increase costs – the right balance is not always easy to find. Here are some tips to follow for efficient inventory management. Text: Diane Stehlé Invest in stock management software Of course, you can use an Excel file to […]

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