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Succeeding with recruitment interviews by telephone

After sending your CV for a job offer or a spontaneous application, the recruiter sets an appointment for a first telephone interview. Don’t underestimate this meeting and don’t miss this opportunity by failing to prepare for this telephone interview. Here are some tips and tricks so that you will be confident and professional when the […]

Company life

4 Good Reasons for Working Four Days a Week

Each time you decide to take Friday off or when a holiday falls on a Monday, do you tell yourself when you go back to work that really, weekends should always be three days? Why not start this way of working? It has many benefits, both for you and for your employer. 1. Good for […]

Not to be missed

Preparing for tomorrow’s occupations

All the studies, surveys, analyses point in the same direction: automation and robotization are revolutionizing the world of work and, in turn, the occupations, learning and status of workers. Overview of what lies ahead by 2030. Digital technology in the cognitive age A report from Dell and the Institute for the Future suggests that the […]

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