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Personal e-mails at work : Employers rights

Personal e-mails at work : Employers rights In Canada, case law considers office computers a production tool under the responsibility of employers, who therefore have the right of control over all employee files and e-mails. Other countries are still debating the issue, however. All Canadian companies can determine their own standards as regards privacy at work. In particular, management can forbid the use of computers […]

Rights and labour standards

Moving towards uberization of the labour market?

In 2016, 100,000 companies around the world were identified as being related to the sharing economy. Many of us seem to be interested in it: the consumer with collaborative consumption (Uber), the citizen with a collaborative lifestyle (cohousing), the entrepreneur with collaborative financing (crowdfunding) or the average person contributing to collaborative production (Wikipedia). But what […]

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7 Good Reasons to Acquire Work Experience During Summer

Working during summer vacations is an excellent opportunity to acquire work experience in a pleasant way. Yet you are torn between taking it easy and seeking a summer job. Here are some good reasons to swap vacations for a summer job. Rebuilding your finances The first good reason to work during the summer is… to […]

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