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Compassion fatigue : Say yes to empathy at work … in moderation

Far from being simply a virtue, according to professor of management Adam Waytz, being too empathetic at work can be counterproductive. Take compassion fatigue into consideration. Nobody questions the importance of putting others first. This quality is essential in meeting clients and as much in employee management—without even taking into account that it promotes a […]

Career management

9 questions to ask yourself to see if you have job security

The traditional model of job security: full time, having a single employer, has given way in the last few decades to an increase in flexibility and employment insecurity. Québécois occupying atypical jobs have more than doubled in the last 30 years. Are you in this category? Are you unionized? The job security offered to union […]

Company life

What is the cost of presenteeism at work?

By focusing on absenteeism over the last couple of years, managers have neglected its opposite: presenteeism. Studies have calculated that going to work when we shouldn’t is costly for businesses. The ABCs of the phenomenon Presenteeism consists of working when we have a good reason not to; when employees are incapable—as much as psychologically as […]

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