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How to Apply for a Job and Make a Good Impression?

To apply for a job, email remains the most commonly means to send a CV. In the retail sector, however, some candidates prefer to submit it by hand to prospective employers. Waste of time or worthwhile choice? To get a job in local shops or department stores, going to them to offer your services is […]

Career management

Do We Still Need a Career Plan Nowadays?

Do we still need a career plan nowadays? The days when we spent 30 years of our life working for a single company are over. It is estimated that an individual will change employer at least five times during his career. So what is the point of a career plan? Stability and a linear professional […]


Is it Necessary to Discuss your Self-Employment During a Job Interview?

Looking for a job to put food on the table while trying to set up your business project at the same time is quite legitimate. But should you discuss it to a future employer? And if so, how to discuss your self-employment during a job interview? Mathieu Guénette, guidance counsellor and founder of the company Les […]

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