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Jobs Working For You

Career management

Job loss: a real trauma

Whether due to restructuring, redundancy or professional misconduct,  a job loss is inherent to professional life. Often underestimated, the resulting shock is a real trauma and can lead to post-traumatic stress equivalent to an accident or assault. How can you cope with it? Leaving a job overnight is a traumatic event for anyone who is […]

Company life

3 pro tips to communicate effectively even remotely

Do you feel that since your team has been working remotely, rapport has been lost, exchanges are more laborious and there are more misunderstandings? This impression is well-founded. Explanations and advice from communication psychology expert Guillaume Dulude. For the doctor of neuropsychology and communication specialist Guillaume Dulude, our difficulties of communicating effectively through layers of […]


Hiring and dismissals in Canada – June 2024

A review of some hirings and dismissals in Canada in June 2024 OC Transpo held its second job fair at Greenboro park-and-ride in Ottawa to address ongoing workforce shortages, particularly in drivers, leading to service disruptions. The agency aims to recruit hundreds, including 450 bus operators, 36 Para Transpo operators, and 48 rail network trainees. […]

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