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Rights and labour standards

The right to disconnect: Quebec’s turn soon?

About five years after France adopted a law on the right to disconnect, a first Canadian province has legislated on it. Since June 2nd, Ontario businesses with 25 or more employees are required to have a written disconnection policy – a first in North America. Effectively, the Ontario law defines disconnection as follows: “Not transmitting […]

Rights and labour standards

Hybrid Work Charter: a compass for companies

Hybrid working has become more popular since the pandemic. To better regulate and optimize this practice, businesses can adopt a charter or code that clearly outlines expectations.   In order to regulate hybrid work, a form of organization that allows time to be shared between the office and home, many human resources experts recommend drafting […]


A review of hirings and dismissals – November 2022

Some companies have recently laid off large numbers of their employees, while others have announced new job openings. Balance sheet. HIRES Currently in an intensive recruitment period, Revenu Québec has announced that around 100 positions are currently available (French version only) in several sectors of activity, including customer service, information technology, accounting and law. The City […]

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