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Jobs Working For You

Company life

Games in the company are worthwhile

If you still have your inner child, rejoice: games are coming back in force in companies. Recruitment, training, customer service, innovation – no sector seems to be spared. Between good old traditional games, serious games and the gamification of professional processes, there is something for everyone… especially the employer. From card games to serious games […]

Oddly enough

To Improve your Memory, Move!

A team of Canadian researchers recently concluded that aerobic training is beneficial to improving memory. The health benefits of training have been recognized for a long time: better fitness, reduced stress, refreshing sleep, improved concentration, etc. But now researchers at McMaster University in Ontario are going further by suggesting that physical activity has a positive […]

Career management

Retail – Do you Have to Start at the Bottom of the Ladder?

Is starting at the bottom the best way to begin your career in the retail trade? Even after several years of studies and a degree in hand, it is very common to begin at the ground floor. Dynamic in terms of recruitment, the retail trade is very open to applicants without a degree. Employers are […]

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