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Are you at Risk of “Technological Unemployment”?

Technological unemployment – The conclusions of a recent study on the consequences of automation and new technologies on jobs provide some food for thought about the types of employees at risk of being replaced by technology within the next few years. The technological automation that is currently underway around the world will not only create […]


Religion and business – a fragile balance

Multiculturalism being what it is in Canada, it’s normal for religion to enter into companies. Before looking at how this delicate subject is experienced by employees and dealt with by employers, let’s draw a portrait of religions in the country in general, and in the different provinces in particular.     A great diversity of […]

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Social Profiles have Become as Important as a CV

When seeking a job, having an online profile has become indispensable. Some recruiters even consider it as important as the resume itself. Is this the end of the traditional CV? “The biggest mistake a candidate can make is to not keep his online profile up to date,” says Michael O’Leary, regional director at Accountemps in […]

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