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When do you throw in the towel during a job search?

Full of spirit at the beginning, job seekers tend to give up when their job search proves to be unsuccessful. Instead of withdrawing into yourself, it is better to get outside help to redirect your search to rediscover the path to the office. According to a recent survey by the American employment agency Express Employment Professionals, […]

Career management

What do you do if your job description changes?

When you were called for an interview, you were provided with a job description so that you would know exactly what your duties would be in the company. Then you were hired and all went well… Until the time when you began to be asked to do things that should not be part of your […]

Company life

Passion at work: a side effect instead of a prerequisite.

We are not born passionate about our work, we become passionate. This idea is countercurrent to our current time’s message “follow your passion” that is posted everywhere from Facebook pages to blogs. But, passion is not the inevitable starting point of professional achievement. Shake up the myth that passion at work makes us happy. This […]

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