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Chief Happiness Officer for a happy employee in a company

It is not insignificant that there is a trend in companies to recruit a Chief Happiness Officer. According to a recent study, a happy employee is two times less sick, six times less absent and nine times more loyal. This new transversal function, still with blurred edges, has the goal of attracting talents and retaining […]


Decline of unemployment rate: Even closer to full employment!

Decline of unemployment rate – Statistics Canada has released employment data for September, and the news is excellent! The unemployment rate was the ninth consecutive monthly decline (-0.1% in August) to 6.2%, the best performance in eight years. Who are the main beneficiaries of this encouraging statistic? The 28,000 or so workers aged 55 and […]

Not to be missed

Accepting Our Failures: How Failure Can Let You Get Ahead!

Failure can let you get ahead! – In a society where success (personal, emotional, professional or family) is valued and celebrated with love and praise, failure is the ultimate taboo, synonymous with weakness and being a shameful loser. We hide it. Yet this is the best driver there is! So, how can failure can let […]

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