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Passion at work: a side effect instead of a prerequisite.

We are not born passionate about our work, we become passionate. This idea is countercurrent to our current time’s message “follow your passion” that is posted everywhere from Facebook pages to blogs. But, passion is not the inevitable starting point of professional achievement. Shake up the myth that passion at work makes us happy. This […]

Company life

Working in a team after a promotion? It’s possible!

You’re getting a beer after work with your colleagues. Then, the day after—surprise—you get a promotion and become their direct supervisor. Your relationship with them won’t be the same; how do you manage this transition effectively without causing much of a mess? Right away, responsibilities change. Now you have to manage people, projects, deadlines, setbacks, […]

Oddly enough

Is regional work better or not?

Prosperity is often promised to urbanites wanting to move for regional work, but the reality is not always rose coloured. What is the salary and cost of living? Geneviève Readman left Montérégie three years ago to become a psychoeducator in Bic. After reflecting on it, she asked herself “Why not?” “I saw a position on […]

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