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Jobs Working For You


Recruitment: an escape game to get off the beaten track

To attract Generation Z, to be in phase with new technologies and to convey a dynamic corporate image, what could be better than an escape game. Over 85% of HR managers are aware of the importance of innovation in the recruitment process and therefore do not hesitate to invite candidates to a real escape game […]

Company life

Knowing how to celebrate victories in the company

Has the era of congratulations and rewards finally arrived in the company? Will employees be able to be congratulated for a particular achievement, like athletes who never fail to celebrate a victory? Realizing that celebrating a success could be beneficial for both the employee and the company, managers and business leaders are now giving free […]


Having Multiple Jobs is the New Trend!

Having a bread and butter job and another that is more like what really interests us is becoming quite common. Overview of these slashers who fuel themselves on dreams. “I often joke that I work three shifts a day: my daytime office job, my job as a mom in the evening and my job as […]

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