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Is it Necessary to Discuss your Self-Employment During a Job Interview?

Looking for a job to put food on the table while trying to set up your business project at the same time is quite legitimate. But should you discuss it to a future employer? And if so, how to discuss your self-employment during a job interview? Mathieu Guénette, guidance counsellor and founder of the company Les […]

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Are Temporary Jobs a Quick Solution to Escape Unemployment?

Some see it as a stepping stone, others as a lifeline. Temporary jobs vary in type and number, but there remains a reality: whether to bounce between two jobs, give meaning to your life or get out of a bad situation, they are still a sensible solution to get a foot in the door of […]

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Incivility: another manifestation of individualism?

If we are to believe Donald Black (The Social Structure of Right and Wrong, 1993), the expression of discontent in the working world evolves. Employees abandon public mass events (strikes, petitions or sabotage) in favour of more private reactions, specifically incivility in the workplace. How is it manifested? What are the internal reactions? How are […]

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