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Federation of Canadian Municipalities / FCM

Federation of Canadian Municipalities / FCM jobs

Headquarters: Ottawa (Ontario)
Year of creation: 1901
Type of company: local government organization
Sector of activity: non-profit

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities or, FCM, represents over 2000 communities (urban, rural, northern and remote) across Canada. It is the national voice of municipal governments, representing 91% of the Canadian population and works to align federal and local priorities. With no formal power, it is able to influence debate and public policy through advocacy, negotiating with the Government of Canada’s various departments and agencies. Members receive benefits such as expert analysis on federal legislation that affects their communities to an input into resolutions that the FCM may advocate on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. Municipal leaders from the communities assemble each year to discuss, analyze, and establish FCM policy on key issues. Additionally, its international division has involved over 100 Canadian municipalities in global partnerships with municipalities in countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America in an effort to share knowledge and expertise.

FCM’s more than 100 employees are dedicated to the welfare of Canadians and their respective communities. Whether striving for better housing, transit, or clean water, they are advocating for a healthier, cleaner society and environment. Current opportunities include a business systems analyst and a project director (municipal asset management program).

Working environment
FCM employees enjoy competitive compensation and a benefits package that includes individual and family group insurance, employer contribution to a group RRSP, vacation and sick credits, and a healthcare spending account. Additionally, there are summer work hours (Fridays are off between July1 and Labour Day), flexible work schedules, telecommuting opportunities, and training and development programs.

Corporate culture
FCM’s primary mandate is to serve, in the best way possible, the citizens of Canada through its lobby group of elected municipal officials. It is entrusted with administering the funds it receives from the federal Government for its numerous projects. FCM accomplishes its mandate by adhering to its core values of maintaining a balanced work-life, treating everyone fairly and equitably, prioritizing member satisfaction, maintaining high quality standards in work and relationships, honouring commitments, and ultimately achieving enduring, innovative results by heeding these principles.

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