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Second Harvest is a Canadian charity, headquartered in Ontario, that aims to eradicate food waste in the country.

Its mission is at the crossroads of the fight against food insecurity and environmental defense. Thanks to their Food Rescue program and application, Second Harvest works with various organizations (Producers, distributors, hotels, retailers, restaurants), at all levels of the supply chain, to give back to organizations fighting against hunger and food insecurity in Canada.

Since its creation in the mid-1980s, the organization has recovered more than 25 million kilos of food that was going to be thrown away, buried or destroyed, and redistributed this food, which represents nearly 90 million dollars of waste thus avoided.

Beyond the recovery, Second Harvest has set up since 2001, the 'Harvest Kitchens' service to provide ready-made meals to non-profit organizations that serve meals, but which for reasons of space, lack of staff, resources, cannot process and prepare food themselves

Around 735,000 meals are thus prepared each year on behalf of 110 beneficiary organisations.

Since 2012, the Feeding our future Initiative has been providing lunches to children in the summer outside of school and school period.

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Industry Non-profit organisation - NPO
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