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Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta
Year of creation: 1917
Business type: joint stock company
Business sector: oil industry

Suncor is one of Canada's largest integrated energy companies. Its activities include oil sands development and upgrading, offshore oil and gas production, petroleum refining, product marketing (under the Petro-Canada brand) and a renewable energy portfolio.

Suncor employs approximately 13,000 people in its various divisions: day-to-day operations and maintenance; crafts; mining, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering; project management; Supply Chain; human ressources; environment; health and security; commercialization and commercial expansion. The average age of all employees is 40 years.

Suncor supports its employees at all stages of their professional development (continuing education pathways, educational assistance programs and leadership training) to help them achieve their goals and seize opportunities for professional growth. The company also focuses on diversity and inclusion and maintaining the health and well-being of its employees (Promotion of Wellness and a Healthy Lifestyle, Assistance Program to employees and their families).

Corporate culture
As part of its long-term management strategy, Suncor's goal is to improve its environmental, social and economic performance. That's why it invests $ 200 million annually in research and technological development and aims to reduce GHG emissions by 30% by 2030. The company is also involved in the construction of sustainable communities through sponsorships, charitable donations (in partnership with the Suncor Energy Foundation) and employee programs.

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