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Viking Fire Protection is a well-known company in the field of fire protection and life safety systems. The company was born in 1930 and specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing various fire protection products and systems. Viking Fire Protection's products and services are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings to safeguard against the risk of fires. They now have 16 offices accross Canada.

Viking Fire Protection designs, installs, and maintains fire sprinkler systems in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. They offer a range of fire suppression systems, including clean agent systems, water mist systems, and foam systems, designed to protect specific environments and assets. Viking provides fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and fire alarms.

The company offers inspection and maintenance services to ensure that fire protection systems remain in compliance with safety codes and standards. Viking Fire Protection may also provide emergency services, such as responding to fire incidents or assisting with fire safety emergencies.

They work with clients to assess their fire protection needs and design customized fire safety solutions.

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