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About Us

Wesco Aircraft is the world's leading independent distributor and provider of comprehensive supply chain management services to the global aerospace industry. Our services range from traditional distribution to the management of supplier relationships, quality assurance, kitting, just-in-time delivery, chemical management services, third-party logistics or fourth-party logistics and point-of-use inventory management. We offer one of the world’s broadest portfolios of aerospace products comprised of 560,000 active SKUs, including C-class hardware, chemicals, electronic products, bearings, tools, and machined parts.

During our 60+ years of operation, we have grown to serve more than 7,000+ customers with global workforce operating across 50+ locations in 17 countries.

Our Customers and Markets Served

With our extensive experience across the aerospace industry, we have developed a suite of value added services that improve customer profitability. We deliver production efficiency, adhere to quality standards, and maintain regulatory compliance. These capabilities have are leveraged within complex value chains associated with the following markets:

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