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New Jobs in the Tourism Industry

In the age of exponential tourism, travellers’ expectations have changed and new jobs are emerging: personal host at the hotel, digital facilitator for a territory, territorial reporters, or various sustainable tourism professions. Overview.

It has been a long time now that tourists have not been simply content to see a monument or to photograph it from a convenient angle. Today’s traveller wants to cook a tomato sauce with the Italian grandmother, meet the inhabitant of a small mountain village, work on the farm or local vineyard, walk with the lions in the African savanna, go climbing with a pro or get to know a historic place from the inside. To support this beautiful world in quest of adventure, creative and energetic employees are needed.

New jobs for communicators

Tourism offices and travel agencies are now recruiting many journalists, photographers, videographers and writers (and ideally all at once) who will make tourists want to get out of their comfort zones. The position of “territorial reporter” has recently appeared. This multi-platform content creator highlights the experiences and inhabitants of a given territory. The work also includes a share o f strategic vision and editorial coordination on various digital platforms.

Similarly, the personal host at a hotel is a communications and public relations pro, who knows how to pass on a wide range of ideas to his client and connect him with local people and institutions that can bring an experience to life for him. He is a sort of concierge 2.0, who constructs custom adventures using the strength of his network.

Tech jobs

You may have already seen a job offer to be a “digital territory facilitator”. This new type of employee is in fact an adviser that tourism professionals consult to develop their online presence and attract internet users. It is a web strategy, a specialist in e-tourism, who helps a region position itself favourably in the astronomical number of offers available to the web tourist. In this digital jungle, artificial intelligence specialists and data analysts are also more in demand by tourist offices.


Experiential tourists are often aware of the damaging effects of their activity on the local environment. New professions of sustainable tourism are therefore exploding: ecotourism or outdoor activity facilitator, green leisure designer, travel agency ecotourism adviser, as well as sustainable tourism mission leader with major hotel chains, zero-waste hostel manager and eco-responsible event specialist.

There’s no shortage of choices!

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