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Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Processing Jobs

"The agricultural sector grows, harvests, and processes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and livestock. The fisheries’ sector hunts or breeds fish for food or pet markets. The forestry sector chops down, conserves, and processes trees for construction, furniture, or pulp and paper industries. The processing sector takes the resources provided by the aforementioned sectors and turns them into purchasable products. Entry into these fields only require a high school diploma; however, higher-level jobs require specialized training or science degrees. Candidates interested in working in these sectors should consult some of our 20 specialized job boards such as (engineering) or (pharmaceuticals). Each board features their respective field’s employers of choice, offers unique field-related articles, in-depth job descriptions, and expert employment advice. Most jobs in these sectors vary are full time or seasonal, and pay upwards of $50,000. Examples of these positions are agronomists, field research technicians, fishermen, foresters, millwrights, and many more. "

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