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Is the Cover Letter Out of Date?

Often feared by job seekers, the cover letter seems to have lost its significance in the eyes of recruiters. Will the new decade sound the death knell? The idea of bringing out one’s notions of literary composition can make the hair of many job seekers stand on end. This is especially true since the cover […]



Here are some companies that made headlines following announcements of major personnel movements in April 2024. LAYOFFS Taiga, manufacturer of off-road electric vehicles, today announced the layoff of 70 employees and a temporary interruption of its production. The Quebec company, specializing in the sale of snowmobiles and electric watercraft, motivates these measures by the current […]


What an IT Resume Should Include…

The CV is the first link between you and your potential future employer. In the information technology field it is an indispensable tool. For Anne-Marie Deslauriers, recruiter and president of the Delan firm, it is unthinkable not to name your technology skills in your IT resume. And they must be presented clearly, in chronological order, and […]

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