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Jobs Working For You

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Changing jobs often: it pays off!

In a full-blown labour shortage, companies don’t hesitate to offer salaries that defy the competition to attract new employees. Changing jobs frequently is therefore an effective strategy to increase your personal income. Before you take the plunge, here are some tips. Job hopping, i.e., the frequent and deliberate changing of jobs, has had some success, […]


The Art of Feedback

It’s not always easy to provide feedback to your employees. Here are some effective methods to have the most impact. Continuous feedback Employees are increasingly asking for information to be given to them on a regular basis. How do you meet their expectations? By providing them with continuous feedback, that is, by taking every opportunity […]


A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – February 2024

No really good news in terms of employment for this month of February. Layoffs continue, however, recruitment for summer jobs has started! Dismissals Nordia Saguenay lays off 19 employees The Nordia company, faced with a drop in call volume in its customer service centres, has decided to lay off 19 employees in the Saguenay region. […]

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