Social media: HR is sensitive to candidates' faux pas |

Social media: HR is sensitive to candidates’ faux pas

In the digital age, posting comments on social media has become commonplace. However, it is not without harm and can cost job applicants their job. This is what a recent study revealed, published by Office Team, a division of Robert Half.

Before hiring, human resources managers do not hesitate to consult candidates’ profiles on social media. Certain faux pas can be really harmful to them! 45% of HR managers interviewed believe that posting a negative or inappropriate comment reduces candidates’ chances of being hired. 35% think that publishing an inappropriate photo or being tagged as such does not play in their favour. Finally, 17% don’t appreciate incomplete social profiles or those where publication is too infrequent.

Tips for taking care of online reputation

The recruitment company has established a list of tips for social networkers to develop their online reputation. Those who are “Cranky Critics” are advised to exercise discretion when posting their comments, regardless of the subject. “Superfluous Selfie Posters” are invited to use them sparingly and upload a (single) professional photo. People who are naturally indiscreet have a good reason to think before publishing their activities and to adjust their privacy settings. It is suggested to those who post (too) many relationships to favour relevant professional relationships rather than favouring quantity. Finally, Nonchalant Networkers can meanwhile focus their efforts on completing their online professional profiles and participating in online groups or forums related to their area of activity.

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